Great Math Resources for Parents and Teachers!

Hello to everyone that has found my page!  I am the math interventionist at White Oak Intermediate School. I miss teaching math to all of our Intermediate School Roughnecks so much!  Thank you for finding my page!

This February I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop given by Math Specialist, Dr. Nicki Newton. She is so inspiring and always willing to share many free resources.  Below you will find a few of her, and my, favorite math websites.  I hope they can be a great resource for you while you are learning math at home.

If you have any questions or would like help with your math assignments please email me at [email protected]  You can also email me if you just want to say hello! I’d love to hear from you!

I hope to see all of our Intermediate Roughnecks soon!

Missing you!

Mrs. Banks

Math Resources:

1. There are lots of great games on:   Math Playground and Math-Play

2. Play the games on  (Just the games!)

3. Math Wire

4. Greg Tang Math

5.  Lots of free things to print on: Primser Printables

6.  More things to print on:  Get2Math

7. Math Vocabulary is so important!  Practice at these websites:  Spelling City Math Vocabulary  and

Vocabulary Cards

8.  Virtual Dice! (We love dice in my classroom!)

Virtual Dice

9. Zearn Math

10. Dr. Nicki’s Youtube Channel  is full of videos to help with math!

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